My name ‘Ruta’ means ‘friend’ and my dream is to be a storyteller.

Send me a word or a concept or a phrase and I will be very happy to weave a story around it. It might be fiction or it might be the stranger truth of my real life experiences; a special, very personal story written especially for you by your friend, Ruta.

Read through the other stories and you might even find a story about yourself, about us.. how we met or how you touched my life or what happened after we lost touch.

Or gift someone a story, tell me the occasion and the theme and wait till my fingers run over the keyboard as my mind runs across the library of my thoughts and presenting to you, the most preciously unique gift for your loved one.

Take my hand and walk with me or sit back, relax and feel the warmth of our friendship.

Let me tell you a story, my friend.